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Unique Valentines Gifts: Top 5 Suggestions

Valentine’s Day is also a special occasion when gifts are given to loved ones. You can’t avoid finding gifts that are a bit overrated, too common and boring to give away. Some people look for ways to make V-day extra special and that includes looking for unique Valentines gifts.

Below are the top 5 unique Valentines gifts that you can give to your loved one:

A poem that you wrote – Okay, not everyone is Shakespeare, but you can at least write five lines of words that express your feelings to your special someone, right? You’ve seen poetry in books, cards, posters and hand-written letters, and they all convey the emotion of whoever wrote them to someone. Make it more special by writing it on special paper and mounting it on a nice-looking frame.

A starry night date – Set up a dinner table under the stars, on your apartment balcony for a romantic date. There should be candles, food, chilled wine, flowers and chocolates if you wish. For women, it is important that you take the initiative in romancing your guy.

Compose a song – Writing a song can be simple and easy for most people. Make your poem as especial as the recipient by adding music to it. If you know how to play an instrument, you can also arrange the entire song. You don’t have to write a whole song. Just sing the feelings you want to convey in a few lines and chorus.

A beach date – You can go sun tanning, night swimming or just simply walking by the shore on a Valentine’s Day and you can make it like one of the many unique Valentines gifts but with a twist. You can do it on Valentine’s Day if you haven’t yet, and make sure to bring the necessary things such as a basket of food and goodies, wine, sun tan lotion and picnic blanket. You can enjoy the view if you do not wish to swim due to the weather.

Hand-made jewelry – You will find affordable hand-made and customized jewelry on a various online jewelry stores. It’s best that you order in advance because many shops are already hectic by February due to their Valentine’s Day orders.

Finding unique Valentines gifts can be as simple and practical as these because the occasion doesn’t really need to be extravagant. You can be as creative as you can and always do it out of love so that the one that you pick from the many unique Valentines gifts can be as special as the recipient.

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